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Causes and Remedies for Tendonitis
in String Playing

The Left Hand

George Neikrug In regard to the left hand, the way one depresses the string to the fingerboard is usually the basic cause of the trouble. The human body is a wonderful machine consisting of many movable lubricated joints. If any of these joints are locked and immovable, it will affect the proper functioning of that machine and nature will give us the warning signal of pain. To ignore this warning and not make the necessary physical adjustments could eventually lead to tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Though it may seem like an oversimplification, anything wrong in the basic touch of both hands is where the trouble starts.

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The touch of the fingers of the left hand should have the proper ratio of strength to flexibility. Strength should not be used in the sense of brute force but rather in the ability to support a weight and have loose joints at the same time. The ability to get a free vibrato on every finger in any position ensures that this ratio is correct. The ability to hold onto the pitch with the fingertip and at the same time, have all the joints of your fingers and wrist movable is necessary for producing a free vibrato.

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Right Hand Concerns  


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