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About the Bach Six Suites -
"You heard the severe beauty of much of the music... It was anything but just-playing-the-notes... a sense of histrionic values is essential, and in this instance, with the Bach Cello Suites, they worked to impressive effect. They convinced."
Richard Buell, The Boston Globe

"Phenomenal artistry -- richly used vibrato -- it was startling to see Neikrug demonstrate how he can connect pizzicato and legato with the same hand, how he can make lightning changes of fingering and conquer double stops even in harmonics."
Taunus Anzeiger

"Neikrug's playing and concept justified the advanced laurels given him. His efforts are primarily directed at beauty of sound, agility and richness of expression. He possesses and extraordinary technical versatility. He uses his astounding faculties by treating the cello with an effortless ease as if it were a violin. Yet, at the same time, he correlates the flowing figuration with the fuller and softer glow of his instrument."
Frankfurter Rundshau

"Great Master of the Cello" "...mastery of tone production. Demonstrated unusual technical facility that intrigued not only the ears, but also the eyes -- dramatic power and spirit. The Scherzo-Tarantelle of Wieniawski was an example of the highest possible bravura playing."
Prague, Rude Pravo

"American Virtuoso in Prague" "Outstanding example of technical virtuosity. From the very beginning his brilliance was apparent. His hands with their miraculous virtuosity and flexibility could be compared only to the very greatest violinists. The Kodaly Sonata was a masterpiece of intense feeling, virtuosity and drive. It is seldom possible to hear a cellist with such a rich spectrum of sound as we heard in this performance."
Lidova, Democracie, Prague

"The consummate technical ability of the virtuoso, George Neikrug is already a known fact. First of all, he is a real musician, with culture, musicality and taste. Having succeeded in reaching that envied stage in which technique becomes something natural, almost unobserved, he can offer himself completely to interpretation."
Bucharest, Contemporanul

"Neikrug proved that he masters not only the virtuoso's remarkable means of expression, but also the artist's sharp sensitivity. He offered us no less than nine encores."
Bucharest, Informatia Bucurressstiului


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