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Causes and Remedies for Tendonitis
in String Playing

The Right Hand

George Neikrug

In the right hand, a balanced hold of the bow is important, so that the fingers will be flexible and can imitate the passive actions of the hairs of a paint brush in the up and down bow strokes. You should always feel that you are pulling the bow instead of pushing it.

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There are other elements that can cause tendonitis in the right hand when you use brute force instead of leverage to get power. When the stick of the bow touches the hair, this is the most pressure possible to get with the bow. This should be done with as little effort as possible.
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This is a general explanation of why pain exists in playing and how to avoid it. No one who plays an instrument should have to play with pain. I sincerely hope these comments will be helpful.

George Neikrug


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