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Welcome to George Neikrug's Website

Read the feature Internet Cello Society interview with Mr. Neikrug.

George Neikrug specializes in teaching a pain-free string technique

Mr. Neikrug, a consummate cello virtuoso considered by many of his colleagues to be the greatest living string pedagogue, is willing to answer your questions personally about solving any technical problem. His reputation for curing pain-related playing problems on all string instruments is worldwide.

After his studies with Emanuel Feuermann, the greatest virtuoso cellist of all time, he met the legendary pedagogue D.C. Dounis. A medical doctor as well as a fine musician, Dounis was consulted by almost every distinguished string player of the time including soloists like William Primrose and concertmasters of the New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, and San Francisco Symphony. They went to him for help with technical and physical problems. His students considered him to be the "Einstein" of string teachers.

Mr. Neikrug studied with him for a period of 15 years until Dounis' death in 1955. He inherited the legacy of his knowledge and is considered his chief disciple. He feels this extraordinary body of knowledge -- never actually written down by Dounis -- is at least 100 years ahead of its time and must be available to help all serious string players.

Read Mr. Neikrug's online essay, "Causes and Remedies for Tendonitis in String Playing"


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